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Focus on Seniors Radio hosted by Expert Home Care

Sep 3, 2021

David Goodman welcomes you to another episode of Focus on Seniors Radio. Today he is joined by Kelly McNamara, RN, LNHA who is a founding partner of Nightingale NJ. In her 35 years as an RN, Kelly practiced a variety of disciplines, but she found her calling in 1991 when she began working in a nursing home. Her passion led her to become a Nursing Home Administrator, so she could lead by example and inspire a shift in people’s perspectives on aging. In addition she is the Secretary of the New Jersey’s  Aging Life Care Association.

In today’s episode, she  shares her advocacy for aging citizens, with an emphasis on listening and supporting their needs with respect and accountability. Kelly also talks about her three steps process in approaching aging citizens in need of health care and how her company partners with other Home Health Care Agencies for the best benefit for each client.


Key Takeaways:

[:50] How did Kelly become the CEO of Nightingale NJ?

[3:23] Kelly talks about the core mission of Nightingale NJ.

[5:01] Kelly shares how her role as an advocate for the aging people worked in her favor.

[7:10] Kelly shares some examples of how it looks like to be an advocate for her clients.

[11:45] How is it helpful to have access to the client´s portals?

[14:50] Kelly shares about her three step process.

[18:33] How does Kelly’s company work with partners?

[21:44] It is necessary to manage people’s expectations of how health care is going to be.


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