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Focus on Seniors Radio hosted by Expert Home Care

Aug 27, 2021

David Goodman, your host, welcomes David Dickie to today’s episode. David is the CEO and Founder of The Solutions Group, which is the largest insurance provider in the Home Health Care Industry. David shares today his expertise in regards to insurance when hiring a home health care agency; he dives deep into topics such as proof of insurance, ACORD certificate of insurance, pre-injury waiver of subrogation, COVID transmission, and even extends his advice in regards to insurance in the cases when the caregiver is also the one who drives the client.


Key Takeaways:

[:46] Davis talks about the origins of The Solution Group.

[2:19] Should a client ask for proof of insurance when signing up with a home health care agency?

[3:32] What an ACORD certificate of insurance should have?

[4:17] What happens if a caregiver gets hurt in the home of the client?

[6:23] What is a pre-injury waiver of subrogation?

[7:41] How are agencies using subrogation agreements?

[8:56] What happens if a caregiver is driving and an accident occurs?

[11:54] What are the best practices David suggests in terms of the car that the caregiver should drive?

[13:10] Can it be required that all caregivers show proof of being vaccinated for COVID 19?

[16:24] What happens if a caregiver gives the client COVID?

[18:17] David talks about COVID exclusions from insurance policies.

[19:05] David shares his perspective on the benefits of hiring a Home Health Agency against a private search for a caregiver.


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