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Focus on Seniors Radio hosted by Expert Home Care

Aug 20, 2021

David Goodman and Frank Esposito welcome you to another episode of Focus On Seniors Radio. In today’s episode, they would like to share some of the many Google reviews they have received throughout the many years they have been in business and explore in greater detail how those clients came to Expert Home Care and what the outcomes were.


Key Takeaways:

[:58] Frank read one of the reviews.

[1:50] What happens on the first day for families seeking home care for a loved one? How is the decision made?

[4:49] Choosing the right caregiver for each patient.

[5:44] What were the aspects that this family was concerned about at the beginning?

[10:20] David shares another review.

[10:56] Frank shares the details of this case.

[14:45] Talking about expectations with the family is one important step.

[16:03] David and Frank talk about the continuity of care.

[17:00] To provide peace of mind to the family is a priority at Expert Home Care.

[18:00] Dan shares a five-star review from a very satisfied customer.

[22:57] Expert Home Care’s staff know all our caregivers, they are a family.


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