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Focus on Seniors Radio hosted by Expert Home Care

Aug 6, 2021

David Goodman, your host, is delighted to be joined by Lynn Paglia to today’s show. Lynn is the founder and president of Paglia Training Center which is dedicated to training caregivers, creating job opportunities, while connecting with families, and making a difference in their lives. Lynn explains in detail the differences between what agency training and a vocational school provide and she also sets apart the characteristics of working as a caregiver for an agency vs in a facility, among other interesting topics for caregivers and families.


Key Takeaways: 

[:43] Lynn talks about her background and her motivation to open a training center for caregivers.

[1:09] When did the vocational center start? 

[1:39] How many people have they trained so far?

[2:08] What is the difference between agency training and a vocational school?

[3:51] Lynn explains the cons and pros of working for a facility vs through an agency.

[6:28] Has it been an increase in the number of people interested in becoming caregivers?

[8:08] How is Paglia Training Center different from others?

[9:42] Paglia Training Center is dedicated passionately to provide quality aids.

[12:16] Flexibility and easy accessibility are the key factors that make Paglia Training Center unique.

[13:20] What is the difference between a companion (CNA) and a Certified Home Health Aid?

[14:28] What are the pitfalls of hiring a caregiver directly? What precautions need to be taken?

[16:40] What are the best practices that a facility should utilize to create a better onboarding experience?

[17:37] What is the cost of the program?


Mentioned in this episode:

Paglia Training Center.

Email Lynn Paglia at  or call (801)566-1220