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Focus on Seniors Radio hosted by Expert Home Care

Jul 30, 2021

David Goodman, your host, is joined by Annette Murphy director of Home Care and Care Management at Springpoint at Home. Annette is an Experienced Management Coordinator with a history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning, Management, Fundraising, and Customer Service, she is a strong community and social services professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Human Development and Family Studies and Gerontology from Messiah College.


In today’s episode, Annette explains the role of an Aging Life Care Advisor, giving valuable examples and tips for adult children to navigate the difficult time of finding the right care for their loved ones.


Key Takeaways:

[:51] Annette talks about Home Care and Care Management at Springpoint at Home.

[1:10] Annette shares her background and career path.

[2:12] What is Aging Life Care advisory about? And how is it different from case management?

[3:49] Aging Life Care Advisors balance eight different areas.

[4:05] Annette gives an example of the average client referral.

[5:46] Annette shares a story on a basic home care case.

[9:02] What happens in the case that different family members have different opinions in regards to what is best for the client?

[9:44] Annette shares another example, this time on a more complex client referral.

[15:01] Annette explains what a Hoarding Institute is and what kind of training they provide.

[17:23] What is the typical cost for an ALCA (Aging Life Care Advisor)?

[19:13] Who pays for the services if traditional insurance doesn’t cover them?

[21:29] Annette extends her advice to adult children who have to act as caregivers for their parents.

[22:50] It takes a village to support each other and our elders.

[24:34] It is the little things that become the big things.


Mentioned in this episode

Visit Home Care and Care Management at Springpoint at Home or call (609) 366-1900.